Digadoo Stainless Garden Tools

Digadoo’s Lightweight Forks – just like our lightweight shovels – come in two different lengths.

Full length and half length forks mean there is a fork to suit whatever job you need to do.

Available with all stainless steel construction, or Australian spotted gum hardwood handle.

Different lengths for different jobs.

Digadoo lightweight forks come in 2 sizes, to suit different needs. Both Full and Half length have scaled down stainless steel tynes, not only lowering tool weight, but digging effort and back strain is reduced.

Both sizes available with a choice of timber handle, for that traditional look and feel, or stainless steel, offering low maintenance and durability. Full length great for general digging and turning of soils. Half length suitable for gardening in confined spaces, and raised or terraced garden beds, or working on your knees.

Full Length

Half Length

Lightweight Forks