Digadoo Stainless Garden Tools


Strength Test

Digadoo tools are renowned for their strength and durability. Confidence in our tools means you receive a guarantee against bending and snapping when you purchase a Digadoo

In a global gardening world, saturated with low value, land fill grade tools, Digadoo is the exception!

All of our Stainless Steel Garden Tools are made in Australia and designed with strength necessity and awareness of our dry, hard and often shallow top soils .

Manufactured from Hi Tensile grades of stainless steel (inox) our garden tools offer you years of reliable service and the Guaranteed use of Hi – Value tools.

For tools that don’t bend and snap!

large fork3


Digadoo specialises in Lightweight Spades and Forks, as many gardeners find conventional tools too heavy and cumbersome.

Both our Half and Full Length Spades and Forks feature scaled down tool heads, not only lowering the tool’s weight, but digging effort and load is greatly reduced.

Gardening is not always kind on your back – so any tool that minimises backstrain is always welcome!


Digadoo garden tools use the highest strength, work hardened, quality stainless steel available. This ensures that every item sold by Digadoo can be issued with a lifetime guarantee. All of our stainless steel products are light weight, highly visible, exceptionally strong and of the highest craftsmanship guaranteed.

All products are inspected carefully prior to forwarding to ensure they are of the high quality and standard Digadoo is renowned for.

Should you find fault with any product please contact us. We can then resolve the problem and provide a replacement. Customer is to pay forwarding freight, Digadoo will pay return freight.

Owing to our confidence in our products Digadoo tools are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship.

This warranty does not apply to items damaged through improper use i.e. used for a purpose other than which the tool was designed and intended.